Arduino Based Midi Keyboard

Playing keyboard was always a challenge for me that I’ve never achieved. But after watching this video I thought that, maybe I can build one midi keyboard like this and play the same song in the video. Challenge accepted! I research a bit and learned how to build such a device with arduino. There were huge amount of information on the internet. Basics need are;

  1. A proper key set with key matrix along it.
  2. Arduino uno or mega
  3. Suitable casing

I searched online and also a lot of flea market and finally found a key set which is fitted for my project. It has 64 keys and for that reason I needed to extend my arduino’s digital pin with a semiconductor. I got a lot help from Jen Shen’s Site he also built something like this and I asked him about my problems that I encountered. You can find my questions in below on his blog post. Also, I changed some part of his code according to my design. You can find it also here; Link to code

For the casing I sketcht a simple design and built it. It was nothing fancy but worked verywell. At last, I might couldn’t play the song in the first video but at least I have built it :). You can find a video below that I am testing it first time.

Görkem Tosun

Görkem Tosun

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