Commodore C286-LT Restoration

I love flea markets and I always visit if I found one in everycity. When I was in my parent’s place dad told me about the flea market that opened for 2 days nearby. I immediately went there and take a look around. It was a rainy day and I was all wet but no problem. :) Then I saw a laptop looking device on one of the benches and got interested. It was 10 EUR at the first time but I negotiated with the seller because the device was also wet and was not sure that it is working or not. Anyway, I convinced him to pay him only 0.5 EUR. (very good negotiations skills..)

I came home and disassembled all the parts on the laptop and leave it for one day to dry. On the next day, I assembled the parts and when I turned it on there were some blink in the monitor but not consistent. Searched online about that problem and someguys written about the same issue. There are analog fade control on the right side of the laptop. I suspected about it was not working well. I replaced with some potentiometer and it worked! It was really satisfactory to see some pixelated writings on the screen. :)

The computer is warning about the hard disk failure and I need to replace it with a new one cause obviously it is a hardware error. Also, it sounds weird while trying to read from the disk. I have found the same hard disk on some online store but don’t have opportunity to order it to Turkey(High price and taxes). I will deal with that issue in another day. :)

Görkem Tosun

Görkem Tosun

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